Working Together for Change

We work with community organizations, local & state governmental agencies, and other foundations to identify opportunities for change within the scope of WACF's mission. Our most common projects include construction of affordable housing with an emphasis on the elderly, rehabilitation of schools, parks & recreational centers, educational programs, planting of trees, and organic farming. We fund our projects through donations, grants, bonds, and private social investors.

We also support our initiatives through business sponsorship. We Are Communities Foundation has developed a social media platform that allows businesses to effectively connect with community members called We Are Communities.

Connecting People in the Community

While we are now seeing an improvement in the U.S. economy, the need still exist to better connect community residents to their local merchants, "We Are Communities" provides a more cost effective method for merchants to connect with people in their local community versus traditional phone book, newspaper, television or radio advertising. We provide powerful mobile, web, and Wi-Fi technology coupled with engaging marketing techniques to drive more customers to your business.

We have seen the emergence of powerful social media sites (such as Facebook) as a means of connecting people and businesses, but these sites are dominated by large national advertisers and aren’t as cost effective for smaller, community centric businesses. We provide a service where everyone in the community wins.